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One Day Studios has announced the launch of a groundbreaking educational program, 'Media Mavericks.' This initiative aims to provide learning opportunities for disadvantaged regional youth to participate in the production of 'Mabel & Switch', a science-fiction show centred around a young girl and her robot companion.

'Media Mavericks' is designed to improve pathways for young people by equipping them with valuable skills and experiences in the digital media industry. Through this program, participants will have the chance to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of content creation, including writing, filming, editing, costuming, prop construction and electronic music production.

Participants work with industry mentors, many of whom have worked on productions such as Mad Max: Furiosa, The Newsroom (ABC), and Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio, building beneficial connections within the digital media industry.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce 'Media Mavericks' as a means of fostering creativity and capacity among disadvantaged youth in our community," said Gareth Colliton, one of the founders of One Day Studios. "Through this program, we aim to provide a platform for young people to develop skills that will boost their prospects for pursuing a career in the creative industries."

The educational program has been made possible through generous funding from Creative Victoria, Regional Arts Victoria, the Fletcher Jones Family Foundations and the Strategic Partnerships Program.

Applications for 'Media Mavericks' are now open through the South West LLEN for students in years 10 to 12. People up to the age of 25 can apply to be a part of the extended program which includes regular workshop sessions and monthly mentoring sessions with the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS), and time in the FitzMedia studio.

For more information on applying, email


Media Mavericks digital brochure

Basic information - for students!

Media Mavericks digital info pack

Detailed information including curriculum tie-in, for teachers and parents!

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