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One Day Studios was founded in 2020 by Richard Pritchard, Dave McIntyre, and Gareth Colliton. The aim was to create a welcoming, safe space that enabled access to digital tools, skills and networks. We aimed to break down some of the barriers that make it challenging for students in mainstream education, and for those who identify as being neuro-divergent or differently abled. 

We develop and teach creative projects, from animation to illustration, gaming and manufacturing, and we show young people how to enter the creative industries.

If you have a passion for creativity and storytelling in any form, come and play!

Meet The Team

President - Gareth Colliton

Vice President - Greta Punch

Secretary - Rhiannon Kirkwood

Treasurer - David McIntyre

Board Members:

Kate Haberfield

Kate Roache

Sam Pendergast

Anthea Rafferty

Josh Salmon

Karine Storer

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